Better Gift Giving: Silk Bridal Bouquet Recreations - Part 1

I'm no Santa Clause, but I got to play one this year!  I had two requests right at the end of the year to do a silk bridal bouquet recreation in time for Christmas. What a great gift right? Skip the perfume and the fuzzy socks and take a minute to honor your wedding day and your special bride. Love it!

Bob sent me a couple photos and I got to work tracking down all the components. Take a look at what I came up with!

My wife absolutely loved the recreation of her wedding bouquet!! Erin did an amazing job with just a couple pictures. We couldn’t be happier with the results!!
— Bob | Conneticut

Here's the original bouquet. Bob's awesome Aunt was their photographer and captured these great images that allowed me to recreate this beautiful bouquet.


If it seems like planning a Christmas gift this early would be a little ridiculous, I would agree. But what about Valentine's Day? It's the perfect opportunity to remind your bride that she's worth it!  Contact me to get the process started to become a better gift-giver;)